Clumber Park: Flower and Music Festival

Guardian News
Guardian News

Clumber Park is set to come alive with a wealth of sights and sounds as it celebrates its Flower and Music Festival.

The floral and musical spectacular is set to run throughout the weekend, from 10am on Saturday 27th to 5.30pm on Sunday 28th July.

The focus of the festival will take the form of a 19th Century style pleasure garden inside the park, with guests enjoying appropriate musical accompaniment over the course of the weekend.

The festival is designed to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, attempting to recreate an atmosphere similar to that of the period within the National Trust park.

Organisers hope visitors will be transported back to the days of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy by the sights and sounds of the era.

Clumber Park’s chapel will also host an event over the weekend, marking the laying of the chapel’s foundation stone.

Tickets to the festival will cost £1 plus the usual cost of admission to Clumber Park.

For more Information on the Flower and Music Festival, contact Danielle Brown on 01909 544 909 or

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