Clowne, Whitwell & Creswell: County Council to consult on cuts to street lighting budget

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Derbyshire County Council is to consult on changes to the way street lights are maintained across the county, including in areas like Clowne, Creswell and Whitwell.

Budget cuts mean funding available for maintaining street lights has been cut by £775,000.

This means that the council will not be able to replace every light bulb when it goes out.

Each street light bulb has been routinely replaced once every three or four years, depending on the type of street light.

The money is now no longer available to do this.

There are 89,000 street lights in Derbyshire and around 18,000 street lights are expected to go out during the current financial year.

The council only has the money to replace 12,000 of them, which will leave 6,000 not replaced.

A consultation will start this month which will ask the public for their views on where street light bulbs should be replaced when they go out.

Cabinet member Coun Dean Collins, said: “We won’t be able to replace every light bulb when it expires, so need to know where people think we should spend the limited amount of money we do have.”