Clowne: Trial to target littering and dog-fouling hailed as a success

Guardian News
Guardian News

A two-day trial to target littering and dog-fouling hotspots in Clowne have been hailed as a success.

Members of the council and partner agencies visited “ The Stumps” and spoke to members of the public about litter and dog-fouling problems .

During the two-day trial, 74 piles of dog mess were picked up along the footpath and over 4,000 poop scoop bags were given out.

A large amount of litter was also seen near the Boughton Lane/North Road bridge.

The council will now taking action to remove the litter.

Coun Dennis Kelly, cabinet member for the environment, said: “The amount of dog mess and litter we picked up shows there is a problem in this area.”

“That’s why we decided to tackle it head on and go out and speak to people walking along the footpath.”

“We took a high visibility approach and wore bright coloured jackets as we wanted people to come up and talk to us about the problems and understand what actions we are taking to deal with it.”

“Those we spoke to were all very supportive and we feel we got our message out there in the community.”

This is one of many enforcement exercises the council have been undertaking recently as they continue their mission in tackling the litter and dog-fouling problem hot spots around Clowne.