Clowne: House damaged by fire in the early hours


Firefighters tackled a house fire in Clowne early this morning (Sunday 1st September).

Crews from Clowne, Staveley and Bolsover were called to the scene in Hickingwood Lane at 4.34am.

A detached house was well alight when they arrived.

To start with, two firefighters wearing breathing gear used two water hoses to try and put the fire out from outside the property.

When they realised this was not enough, two more firefighters with hoses were brought in.

But at 5.20am they had to call for the aerial ladder platform from Chesterfield to tackle the blaze from above.

This was successful and the fire is now out.

Derbyshire Police were also present at the scene and a joint fire investigation is now underway into the cause of the fire.