Clowne drunk threatened witnesses

An angry drunk who smashed windows in Clowne threatened to execute witnesses if they told anyone, a court heard.

John Lewis, who had earlier been drinking in the Village Inn, returned to the venue at midnight to find it was closed.

Chesterfield Magistrates heard the 41-year-old then smashed a £200 window at the pub and a £400 plate glass window at nearby Pizza Top on Wednesday 11th January.

“He said to two women: ‘If you tell anyone about throwing a beer barrel at the window I will execute you’,” prosecutor Mike Treharne told magistrates.

Lewis was arrested and told police that he could not remember anything about the offence.

He also confessed to the officers that he could not stop drinking once he had started.

Jon Barber, defending Lewis, said that he had kept out of trouble for 20 years before this incident and he had been working as a lorry driver during that time.

“He took solace in alcohol when he went through a period when he couldn’t find work,” he said.

“He is extremely embarrassed to find himself back in court after such a long time,” he added.

Lewis, of Devonshire Close, Staveley, admitted two charges of damaging property at Chesterfield Magistrates Court.

The justices told Lewis that people could have been injured by the broken glass.

He was ordered to pay a total of £600 compensation to the two businesses who’s windows were damaged, with £85 court costs.

He also received a one-year conditional discharge.