Clare’s Law will help

Insp Steve Cartwright - Worksop Police.
Insp Steve Cartwright - Worksop Police.

We continue to battle a group of offenders responsible for a spate of burglaries at businesses in the town centre.

We are aware of the emotional and financial distress the crimes are causing and are meeting the challenge head on, working closely with Bassetlaw Council to improve CCTV coverage.

We are adopting similar tactics used so successfully to drive down house burglaries, including overt and covert patrols and capture houses. And every crime of this type is now being reviewed and investigated by our CID team.

I appeal to businesses to support us by ensuring no cash is left in premises overnight and to review and secure all possible entry points.

We have been undertaking some major action to tackle metal theft over the last week. We pooled resources from all five forces in the region in policing this crime across the East Midlands.

We tweeted all the action and results on Twitter and Facebook and have made huge strides in consolidating our approach to catching these offenders.

What started as a crime affecting commercial premises and businesses now affects everyone.

Catalytic converters, lead flashing and copper heating pipes are among the items being stolen. And Bassetlaw has borne the brunt of it, thanks to its proximity to the border and rural demographics.

We were out protecting the homes of victims and potential victims with SmartWater and stopping suspect cars to examine and check driver details.

The force is also paving the way in other areas. We are to be one of the first forces in the country to pilot the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme known as Clare’s Law. It allows people to find out if their partner has previous convictions for domestic violence or other violent acts.

Tackling domestic abuse is one of our top priorities and it is crucial that we place ourselves at the forefront of any developments in tackling this under-reported crime.

It’s a crime that often escalates over time, with an abusive person waiting months or even years to show their true colours. By the time it happens the victim is often too frightened to speak out.

Clare’s Law will empower the police and potential victims to take early action and ultimately prevent violence.