Chuck them off a bridge

IT’S high time sentences dished out by the courts were more in keeping with the crime committed.

Take those brain-dead yobs who thought it was clever to hurl bricks at lorries from a bridge over the A57 last week, for instance.

If they are ever caught, instead of being handed an ASBO, or being sent for counselling, the punishment should fit the crime.

So the only logical punishment for these thugs is to chuck them off the bridge onto the by-pass below.

That would make them feel some genuine remorse I’m sure.

And I keep reading about idiots stealing joints of meat to fund their filthy drug habits. A ‘joint for a joint’.

Well this maxim should be extended to the courtroom and each time one of these druggies is convicted of shoplifting a joint of meat they should have one of their own bodily joints removed.

For too long we have treated criminals with a softly softly approach, but it’s about time the powers at be admitted that tactic just isn’t working.

We need Grundi Justice.