Christmas advertising

IT’s still more than a month away but we are now being bombarded from all angles by Christmas advertising on the telly.

Every year the high street chains throw millions of pounds at swanky London advertising agencies as they bid to outdo each other with attention-grabbing and memorable ads.

It’s got to the point where these ads are like plot-driven mini-films. But that’s no use to me. I want to know what a particular store is actually selling and for how much, I couldn’t give a damn about a blasted snowman. Do John Lewis sell snowmen? No. So why’s there a snowman in the advert?

These ads have even started to trend on Twitter, and have become more of a talking point than the programmes they’re interluding.

Here’s an idea - instead of spending all this money on arty-farty television advertising, why don’t they just use that cash to make their products cheaper for us long-suffering consumers?

It seems to me the big winners in all of this are the sandal-wearing, linen-suited advertising executives in their minimalist, glass-fronted office buildings.