Challenges, questions and events

In the last week, I have challenged the Prime Minister over the lack of new infrastructure in Bassetlaw.

I have interrogated the Governor of the Bank of England over his running of the banking system.

I have spoken in Parliament about privatisation of services and the Finance Bill. I have visited the Kings Park 75th anniversary event.

I have discussed matters with the Bishop of Southwell. I have initiated a Commons debate on tax avoidance. I have questioned Government about endangered species, such as tigers.

I have given interviews to BBC, ITV and Sky News. I have met with local employers about jobs. I have fixed up placements for local young people.

I have welcomed local students to Parliament. I have had meetings on landmines, local mental health services, ambulance stations and many more.

I have followed up my discussions with Prince Charles through a meeting with his Regeneration Trust. I visited the screening programme at Bassetlaw Hospital, tabled Parliamentary Questions, held a surgery where people are getting my help over housing, passports, debts, and lots more issues.

I have had detailed discussions about local support for victims of child abuse. I hosted my annual veterans event for hundreds of local armed services veterans.

I also visited a local care home, met with the regulator for financial services and reminded Parliament in no uncertain terms that governments had better not forget Bassetlaw and its needs.

I have started a Postcard to George Campaign, sending him a daily postcard every day until he starts building work on new schools promised and on the Elkesley fly-over.

I would appreciate any postcards that you have which you would like to be used in this campaign. You can send me one or two from your holidays or a nice one of beautiful Bassetlaw?

Please send either blank postcards or ones with your own message to George to my office at 68A Carlton Road, Worksop S80 1PH.

I spoke this week at a major drugs seminar in London about cocaine and money laundering.

I made preparations for next week’s Bassetlaw Parliamentary summer school for young people and I even attended a leaving event for the Chief Rabbi one evening.

It is pretty busy, as ever. One anonymous councillor thinks I spend my time running the council. I wish I had the time. Instead I probably spend too little time responding to the requests for assistance from the council, but you can’t do everything.

IPSA, the organisation set up to manage MP’s finances are proposing a pay rise for MPs. I’ve opposed this, it’s a non-starter when we are in the middle of a recession and people are suffering. It always amazes me how people can get things like this so wrong.

A consultation has been launched on the future of the East Coast mainline. In 2009 it was taken back into public ownership following the previous owners, National Express East Coast defaulting on its contract after just two years on the grounds that it could not afford the franchise payments.

The Government’s aim is to hand it over to the private sector by next year. Since nationalisation, East Coast Mainline has paid more than £6 billion back to the Treasury and continues to maintain a reputation of running regular and punctual trains.

Find me a good argument for selling this off when we have a success on our hands that the nation can be proud of.