Cassie has expanded her dog grooming business

Cassie Tudor with her mum Sandra
Cassie Tudor with her mum Sandra

After running a successful dog grooming business since 2005 a Gainsborough woman has now branched out and now offers dog training.

Cassie Tudor, 32. opened Dazzle Dogs Dog Grooming in 2005 and in October last year she made the decision to expand into dog training.

She said: “I had to cut my grooming down to a minimum last year due to the heavt work on my back.

“Having been a qualified obedience dog trainer for as many years as a groomer, helping and training rescue dogs where I could, I made the decision in October 2016 to expand Dazzle Dogs to Dog Training.

“My mum, Sandra Tudor, is also a qualified obedience dog trainer so we decided to set up dog training classes together.

“We hire our local village hall in Marton on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for our obedience classes which include trick work, and clicker training and introducing agility equipment.

“We will be also setting up fun Agility classes for beginners and advanced around May time once the warm weather gets here as this is run outside on Marton playing field.”

Cassie has six dogs of her own, two Labradors, a Dalmatian, a chihuahua, a chihuahua cross and a papillon cross, as well as a lot of rescue animals including ducks, chickens, rats, rabbits and goats.

She says the inspiration for her and her mum to start training was because of the love of animals, particularly dogs.

She said: “I live at Marton, Gainsborough and have done all my life and my whole life and work life has been revolved in some way or another around animals, either working in rescue and breeding kennels to my grooming to dog training.

“My mum Sandra is 56, also lives at Marton, and she is a carer who works at Foxby Court care home as a carer and has done for 20 years.

“Mum started dog training with her Rottweiler 15 years ago and has had a love for dog training ever since.

“She qualified to teach other people a few years ago and has a passion for teaching people with puppies.

“All the skills from basic learning techniques to life skills and confidence building.

“She has three dogs of her own, a bichon cross a cockerpoo and a leonburger.

“Our ambitious is for our classes we teach to continue to thrive and help as many dog owners as possible to have funa nd gain confidence training their fur friends.”

Even when they are not training other people’s dogs, Cassie and Sandra are busy with their own dogs

Cassie said: “Both myself and my mum’s hobbies all revolve around dogs and dog training. We both have dogs of our own we train and teach many different skills to in our spare time.

“These range from general obedience to kennel club good citizen awards, agility, flyball, heelwork to music, training tricks, scent work and carting.”

Cassie says that every day as a dog grooming is challenging in some way.

She said: Every single dog that has come to me for grooming are all different breeds, personalities and require very different handling and training skills by myself.

“You have to adapt to the dog your working with, no two dogs are the same to groom.

“And it’s exactly the same with dog training, so adapting my skill to dog training has always been something I thoroughly enjoy and do with confidence.”

Cassie says her biggest achievement has been running a successful business for almost 12 years.

She said: “And I hope to achieve just as much over the next 12 years helping to teach people to train their dogs.”

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