Call for caution as schools return

Guardian News
Guardian News

Parents in Notts are being urged to prepare their children for next week’s return to school by discussing road safety issues.

The message is particularly important for children moving from primary to secondary school, as they are twice as likely to be involved in an accident.

“Primary school children often walk to school with their parents, but this can end rather abruptly at secondary school,” says Coun Kevin Greaves, chairman of Notts County Council’s transport and highways committee.

“School crossing patrols make the journey safer, but for those starting secondary school or travelling for the first time on unfamiliar roads, it’s not a bad idea to do a quick reconnaissance.”

“Accidents can happen on the way to the bus stop, or from the bus stop to school, so parents can help by working out safe routes and crossing places.”

Motorists are also being urged to take extra care as the new year begins.

“It is always important that motorists drive safely but, after the six-week break, drivers are used to quieter roads - we ask them to be extra vigilant as children return to school,” added Coun Greaves.