Cadets scoop award

The cadets working at this Year's Rotherham Show
The cadets working at this Year's Rotherham Show

Rotherham’s Police Cadets have won a Certificate of Accreditation in this year’s national Sheriff’s Awards.

The cadets were nominated by their supervisor PC Jeannine Waller, following a year of successful safety projects and crime prevention work in local communities.

PC Waller said: “The cadets enrol as volunteers with South Yorkshire Police from the age of 16 and each intake runs for 18 months. This group has been especially dedicated in providing positive voluntary work in the community and has shown great motivation working on projects outside regular weekly meetings.”

“Although they often work or attend college, many still give up their free time to work weekends and evenings and participate in a number of initiative which benefit a wide range of people across the borough.”

The cadets have arranged crime prevention talks for vulnerable people, and delivered presentations to young people on issues such as substance abuse. They have also supported local young runaways charity Safe@Last, raising over £700.

Lead Cadet Abbie Lyon said: “It is a great honour to receive recognition for the work we have achieved during our involvement with the South Yorkshire Police Cadet scheme.”

“I can speak for all the cadets in saying that we all genuinely want to make a difference in our communities and hope to continue supporting local projects and charities beyond the cadet programme.”

Mayor of Rotherham Coun Shaun Wright will present their award at the Town Hall on Wednesday.