Businesses vote YES to Business Improvement District which could unlock £3.2m in investment for Bassetlaw

Supporters of the BID celebrating after the "yes" vote.
Supporters of the BID celebrating after the "yes" vote.

The country’s first ever place-shaping Business Improvement District will be created here in Bassetlaw after businesses voted in favour of going ahead with the plan.

It is hoped the vote will unlock £3.2m which is earmarked for a range of exciting business-led projects and initiatives over the next five years.

The BID ballot opened four weeks ago and the final votes were counted on Tuesday.

Sally Gillborn, North Nottinghamshire place manager, said she was “thrilled and delighted” with the result and thanked businesses for their support.

“A big thank you to everyone that voted “yes” at ballot to create the UK’s first ever area-wide BID,” she said.

“North Notts BID is an organic advancement of the place-shaping work and success of our “envoys ambassadors scheme” and will create an inclusive and collaborative place management approach for the benefit of all businesses within the Bassetlaw district.

Sally added that she would be work closely with businesses to ensure the benefits of the funding were felt across all sectors.

“Our promise is that we will ensure each area and business sector benefits from the £3.2m that the BID will attract over the next five years,” she said.

Of those that voted, 85.34 per cent were in favour of the BID.

George Buchanan, North Nottinghamshire Chair, said: “It’s fantastic news – and a UK first.

“We are leading the trend for place-shaping and we have now secured a £3.2m investment over the next five years.

“At a time of uncertainty, this shows the confidence our businesses have in making North Nottinghamshire the hero.”

The team is now working towards finalising the BID process, which will see the initiative put in place by September .

Phillip Jackson, chair of the Worksop Business Forum, said: “The BID win vote is fantastic news for Bassetlaw and, in our case, Worksop. It’s clear that businesses want to see progress and improvement.

“Myself and the Business Forum will continue to work hard to ensure that Worksop gets its share of the £3.2 million spent on our town over the next five years.

“We are aware of some of the changers and improvements that Worksop needs, and encourage business owners and managers to come forward with there suggestions.

“We will invite businesses to an open meeting in the near future.

“The first big step has been taken by voting yes, this is now an opportunity to help shape Worksop for the future.”