Six councils oppose latest budget cuts

Six Derbyshire councils, including Bolsover District Council, have joined forces to object to proposed budget cuts.

New figures have suggested further cuts to their budgets are in the pipeline.

Six council leaders have sent a joint letter to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles MP requesting an urgent meeting.

Derbyshire County Council leader, Coun Anne Western, said: “Enough is enough.”

“We are improving the way we work to make sure we’re working as efficiently as possible and we are looking at ways of doing things differently, but we can’t keep taking hit after hit.”

“And we have no guarantee that this is the end of the cuts imposed by the Coalition Government.”

“That’s why we’ve requested a meeting with Mr Pickles to explain how cuts this deep will have a devastating impact on people living across Derbyshire.”

“It means they will lose some of the services they rely on. There’s no other option.”

“Councils in Derbyshire are doing all they can to create jobs and support businesses and we’re working together to share services and reduce costs.”

“But the speed and extent to which the Secretary of State is reducing our Government grants is creating an impossible scenario and a ticking time bomb for the future.”

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