Fuel shortages in Worksop

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Guardian News
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FUEL stations in Worksop are having to turn customers away as they run low on diesel after panic-buying today (Friday 30th March)

Both the Sainsbury’s filling station in Rhodesia and the Dukeries Services on St Anne’s Drive have run out of diesel after motorists queued up at the pumps through fear of the proposed strikes.

A member of staff from Worksop’s Sainsbury’s petrol station said: “We have run out of diesel but unleaded is not a problem.”

“We’re still quite busy, but are expecting a delivery tonight. Our normal pattern has not been disturbed.”

An employee from Dukeries Services added: “We’re out of diesel, which is probably down to us being so unusually busy.”

“We are not expecting a delivery at the moment, but we are fine for unleaded and petrol.”

The Save petrol station of Gateford Road said that they had no shortages of either unleaded or diesel.