Burial park features on TV

Gainsborough news
Gainsborough news

TUNE in to BBC Two to see Respect Natural Woodland Green Burial Parks feature in a three part documentary.

TV crews filmed at the Laughton and Scrooby burial sites for their programme Dead Good Job.

It is a documentary series which takes a look at the changing face of the modern day funeral and the work of undertakers as they deal with the living and the dead, from the mortuary to the grave.

And a brave family from Kirton in Lindsey were kind enough to let the cameras follow them in the lead up to their relative’s funeral.

The funeral itself, conducted by Respect, will feature in episode three, to be aired on Wednesday 26th September.

“We hope the TV publicity will help Respect’s prospective customers understand that with green burials you are not processed as if you are in a production line,” said Alison Finch of Respect Green Burial Parks.

“Many of the customers who have pre booked their resting place with Respect start the conversation by asking what really happens at a green funeral - how is it different?”

“You have a lot more choice with green burials. They are time-rich, unhurried affairs, set in the countryside in a place more respectful for those loved ones who have passed away.”

“We are so proud to have been chosen to represent the UK green burial business.”

The BBC production team sent a message to Respect last week saying thank you for all their help on the series. “We literally could not have done episode three without you,” they said.

Dead Good Job is on BBC Two on Wednesday 12th, 19th and 26th September.