Building relationships is having positive effect in Hemswell Cliff

Building relationships is having positive effect in Hemswell Cliff
Building relationships is having positive effect in Hemswell Cliff

Engaging with the community and building relationships has helped to reduce anti-social behavior in Hemswell Cliff.

Significant work has taken place over several months involving PC Stephen Toyn, Lincolnshire County Council and West Lindsey District Council.

This has led to a reduction in incidents of anti-social behaviour, with just one recorded in December and two in January.

Pc Toyne said: “I believe Hemswell Cliff is now definitely a better place to live.

“Anti-social behaviour and crime incidents have declined, the residents are working together more closely, and I now see children out playing on the parks. When I started this role in June 2018 the parks were empty and not in use, which was sad to see.

“By having the Positive Futures team and the other partner agencies come along to Hemswell Cliff we have been able to get the children and young adults to work together.

“They have been able to bond, build relationships, play together and interact in a positive way.

“The parish council and primary school have helped by allowing Positive Futures to use the ball courts and, now the darker nights are here, use of the hall within the school.

“West Lindsey District Council has also made a positive impact on the appearance of the village. They have removed old dumped items, cut back hedges, tidied up foot paths and alley ways, fixed street lights and pot holes.”

Graham Prestwood, chairman of Hemswell Cliff Parish Council, said: “What has been done at Hemswell Cliff has been done well and we are grateful for it.

“All the agencies have done what they can. It’s working: it’s giving young people something to do and getting them engaged.

“In terms of crime figures, it’s had a massive effect.”

Coun Paul Howitt-Cowan, from West Lindsey District Council, said: “The work done in Hemswell Cliff has been attracting young people and occupying them, which has led to a significant reduction in anti-social behaviour.”

David Sampher, from Lincolnshire County Council, added: “The approach in Hemswell Cliff is an excellent example of how strong partnership work can make a significant difference and lead to many positive outcomes for young people and community alike.”