Blyton: Motorist who caused a police chase given a suspended sentence

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A Blyton motorist involved in a lengthy police chase has walked free from court with a suspended jail sentence.

Victoria Lefley attracted the attention of police after officers were called when the burglar alarm at a compound in Plough Lane, Upton, was activated.

Katya Saudek, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court that shortly after officers arrived at the scene they heard the sound of a car engine revving loudly.

The vehicle drove off and the officers followed in pursuit.

The car was later seen but when an officer attempted to stop it the vehicle was driven towards him and then mounted the verge before driving around him. On its way Lefley’s vehicle clipped the front of the police car causing minor damage.

Miss Saudek said “The police officer raised his arm to try to get the car to stop. The car turned round and started heading directly at him.

“It appeared to be a deliberate manoeuvre towards him. The car picked up speed and drove directly at the officer causing him to move out of the way.”

A lengthy pursuit followed which culminated in Lefley driving her 4x4 into a ploughed field and she was arrested.

When she was interviewed she said she knew nothing about a burglary and had driven off because she had been smoking a cannabis joint.

Lefley, 21, of Laughton Road, Blyton, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving arising out of the incident on 17th September 2013. She also admitted failing to stop.

She was given a nine month jail sentence suspended for 18 months with 18 months supervision. She was also ordered to attend psychological counselling appointments and to perform 100 hours of unpaid work.

Judge Sean Morris disqualified her from driving for 12 months and ordered that she must pass an extended re-test before getting her licence back.

The Judge said she was not well at the time of the incident and an immediate jail sentence would interrupt her treatment.

He added “I don’t believe you were on your own that night. I think you were with somebody who is not doing you any good whatsoever and if he is still with you I would get rid of him.”