Blockade is nothing new

THERE has been a call for blue badge holders to ‘unite and blockade Bridge Street’ following the introduction of the parking ban.

Isn’t that exactly what they’ve been doing for years anyway? Blockading the high street with their inconsiderate and wonky parking.

And that’s exactly why the ban was brought in the first place, because these people were literally blockading Bridge Street.

These disabled people argue that the parking ban will stop them getting into town, it will cut off a lifeline.

There was a picture in the Guardian last week of two of these blue badge holders stood on Bridge Street, looking peeved.

Presumably they had parked elsewhere, yet they’d still managed to make their way to the high street easily enough.

So if they can manage to get to Bridge Street for a photo opportunity, then they can surely get there to go to the bank, do a bit of shopping, and do their other bits and bobs.

I really don’t see what the problem is.