Blitz on lawbreakers

Insp Steve Cartwright - Worksop Police.
Insp Steve Cartwright - Worksop Police.

While our Paralympians and Andy Murray were making history, the Worksop Neighbourhood Policing Team were modestly undertaking our own kind of challenge in our quest to cut crime and keep you safe.

It was all hands on deck last week for a blitz on criminals in West Bassetlaw. From Response cops to the Neighbourhood Inspector, with help from the metal theft reduction team and in collaboration with the county and district council we all mucked-in for the operation.

From 3rd to 9th September we flooded officers into hotspot areas conducting high-visibility patrols, made roadside checks and executed warrants. As a result, we arrested 14 people on suspicion of offences, from shop theft and burglary, to being drunk and disorderly.

We also gave warnings to two people who were in possession of a small quantity of cannabis. Three motorists received fines and points for speeding while others were warned about their speed.

Civil Enforcement Officers issued tickets to those parking in contravention to the road rules and two motorists were left without their vehicles after they were seized due to lack of insurance or licence.

We also made progress on the issues with street drinking in the town centre, with 23 warnings given and 10 instances where alcohol was seized.

We will continue to run these operations making the best use of our resources and directing them to hotspot areas to keep criminals on their toes. We hope this provides reassurance to the community.

Following close work with the RSPCA two local men were convicted of cruelty to animals after using their dogs to hunt and kill wild badgers. Both men admitted the charges. One received 16 weeks in jail and was banned from keeping dogs for 10 years. The other was given a 12-month conditional discharge and banned from keeping dogs for five years.

I hope this sends out a clear message that the mistreatment of wild and domestic animals will not be tolerated.