Benefits system is just backward

LADY Grundi had to physically restrain me last Friday, as I was so apoplectic with rage.

I had just read the story in the Guardian about Ryan Rodgers, the 24-year-old former soldier told by bird-brained bureaucrats that he is fit to work, despite the fact that he was discharged from the army after being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Ryan put his life on the line for this country when he signed up for the Mercian Regiment and completed two tours in Afghanistan.

During his time in Afghanistan this young man saw some unimaginable horrors - close friends and colleagues blown up before his eyes, not to mention having to bag up the dismembered body parts of dead Afghan National Army soldiers whom he worked alongside.

Understandably, these harrowing experiences have taken there toll on Ryan.

He now carries the unseen, but very real scars of war. The emotional scars.

The scars that keep him awake at night with nightmare and flashbacks. The scars that have left him needing psychiatric treatment.

He’s done all this for his country. But what does he get in return? Zilch.

All because some jumped-up little pen-pusher in a grey suit in a nice little cosy office somewhere says he can’t.

Surely Ryan is exactly the sort of person the benefits system should benefit.

In a country where a tickly cough entitles thousands of wasters to a lifetime on benefits, it is outrageous that a war hero be treated this way.

How have we ended up with a benefits system so warped that it is stacked in the favour of bone-idle layabouts over people who have served their country nobly?

But it seems you only get any help off the Government in this country if you are a pie addict and have loads of illegitimate kids.

I blame the politicians for this.

They make me sick the way they send these young men and women off to die in these hellholes like Afghanistan, then jet out themselves for some cynical photo opportunity in some heavily fortified compound, covered from head to toe in body armour.

They make it look like they’re the heroes.

The real heroes are the ones that are out there on the frontline for months on end. People like Ryan. And they should be given all the support they need.