Bassetlaw to get faster internet service?

RURAL Bassetlaw residents who have limited or no broadband access are being urged to express their views on Notts County Council’s bid to help improve internet coverage in the county.

Local authorities across the UK have been invited to bid for a slice of the £530m funding from the Government to roll-out a broadband service to areas which have limited to no broadband service.

It will also benefit businesses and community groups.

The council is keen to hear from local people to assess which areas are in most need to give the county’s funding bid a greater chance of being successful.

If successful the money will be spent on preparatory works required to connect rural and poorly connected areas to a broadband service to encourage network operators and internet service providers to invest in broadband service improvements.

Coun Keith Girling, deputy cabinet member for culture and community at the council, said: “We are keen to gain as many responses as possible so that the whole of the county can prosper from the opportunities that broadband connection can bring.”

“Fast and efficient internet access allows local businesses to prosper and improves the lives of residents.”

“As super-fast broadband is being rolled out across the UK, there is a risk that less commercially viable areas will be left behind, creating a ‘digital divide’.”

People can fill out a survey by visiting the Council’s website at or calling 0115 977 2037.

Surveys need to be completed by Friday 8th July.