Bassetlaw: Stay aware of bogus callers

Guardian News
Guardian News

Bassetlaw Council is warning residents to be on their guard against bogus callers claiming to be working on behalf of the council and selling solar panels.

A smartly dressed couple called on a house in Worksop this weekend (21/09/13) telling residents they were from Bassetlaw Council and were selling solar panels.

The householder kept them on the doorstep and then asked them to leave when they requested personal information details.

Bassetlaw Council have no partners, suppliers or contractors selling solar panels or any other goods and services door to door in the district.

Residents are urged to question anyone arriving at their home unexpectedly, and not to let anyone into their homes if unsure of their identity.

Many utility companies offer a password scheme to aid identification, which can be arranged over the phone.

Police advise that if concerned or worried, residents should not answer their doors.

Residents are urged to report any incidences of bogus callers to Notts Police on 101.