Bassetlaw: Sizzling summer keeps on giving

Guardian News
Guardian News

Summer has arrived in Bassetlaw, and temperatures look set to soar for at least a week.

Temperatures could reach as high as 27 Celsius, and with barely a cloud in the sky there will be plenty of opportunity to enjoy the weather.

Clear skies and hot sun are already banishing memories of a lengthy winter.

Forecasters are predicting the summer sun to last for the foreseeable future, with the sun expected to shine brightly well into next week.

Chris Cheetham, director of Thaymar Ice Cream near Bothamsall, said business would increase by as much as 70 per cent in good weather.

He added: “When it’s sunny we certainly sell a lot more ice cream, and people seem generally happier - it’s great to see the sun after last year’s rain.”

Summer fetes and public events will be looking for a boost in numbers and party atmosphere as a result.

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