Bassetlaw: MPs slam rural broadband delay

Rural broadband campaign photos, some with Nick Duquemin.
Rural broadband campaign photos, some with Nick Duquemin.

Bassetlaw MP John Mann has vowed to fight for better broadband in Bassetlaw in the wake of a ‘damning and disappointing’ report by the Public Accounts Committee.

MPs on the panel have warned that plans to roll out superfast broadband to rural areas have been ‘mismanaged’ by the Government.

Their report says that BT has won every contract so far to provide the services on behalf of local authorities, placing the company in a ‘quasi-monopolistic position’.

They said the ‘mismanagement’ of the scheme was costing households an extra £20 in council tax.

“My confidence in this project has always been low and this has been confirmed by the report which is damming and disappointing for our local villages,” said Mr Mann.

“The Government’s target of 90 per cent of rural homes getting superfast broadband by 2015 is no longer achievable and its now combined with an overpriced scheme that includes all sorts of bureaucratic hoops that are preventing some villages from joining in.”

“This is not acceptable for Bassetlaw’s rural communities and I will continue to speak up in Parliament on this.”