Bassetlaw MP urges council to set the example on green energy

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

Over the past few weeks, we have seen the issue of climate change hit the streets, writes John Mann MP.

It is vital that we address this issue and I am delighted to see there are solar panels, which fuel homes, all over the district.

More solar panels should also be installed on council buildings to create green energy for Bassetlaw.

The council should also be installing electric charging points in any new houses that it builds and requiring them in planning consents for all new buildings.

These points should also be installed in public places and every public building must have electric charging points for cars.

This would make it easier for residents to own an electric car and may attract people to choose electric when buying a new car.

I hope Bassetlaw Council considers this proposal when deciding on future housing policy.

This week, it was announced that energy prices have gone up by an average of £130 per year per household.

If there were solar panels installed on to all council-owned properties in Bassetlaw, it would significantly reduce energy prices in this area.

This proposal is not just about saving the planet but also about saving you money.

But this should be in addition to tackling the absurdity of energy prices going up and energy infrastructure not advancing quickly enough.

After the announcement that the power station at Cottam will be closing, I have consistently called for this site to be used to produce green energy.

This would make our area one of the UK-leading sites for green energy and help create new green jobs at a site that is fully connected to the national grid.

I trust that this proposal will be acknowledged when the discussions about the future of Cottam are taking place over the next few weeks.

These are just some steps that can be taken to tackle climate change locally.

But what we need is to see this as an imperative to have no imported energy, to give a huge boost to cheaper green energy and to put pensioners first in receiving the benefits.