Bassetlaw MP accuses Labour leadership of breaking promises to voters with Brexit Referendum call

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

This week, the Labour Leadership announced it would be seeking a second referendum on Brexit, writes John Mann MP.

This is a decision which I completely disagree with.

At the last election, Labour MPs stood on a manifesto of delivering the referendum result and committed to get a deal which would work best for British people.

Unlike the Liberal Democrats or the Greens, Labour candidates pledged not to reverse Brexit and now is not the time to break our promise to the British people.

I believe that you, the Bassetlaw voters, gave me two clear messages at the ballot box on Brexit.

The first was at the Referendum in 2016 where 70 per cent of you voted to leave the European Union.

This is why I voted to trigger Article 50 nearly two years ago and have not made any attempt to block Brexit in Parliament.

The second message that you gave me was when you voted for me at the 2017 election, when I promised that I would vote to deliver Brexit and I stand by this promise.

This week, Labour has made it as clear as mud on what the position would be if Britain held a second referendum.

Will Labour propose an alternative deal or will it campaign to remain in the European Union?

When will there be serious engagement with people living in the north and in the Midlands who vote Labour but also voted for Brexit?

These voters are fed up with being patronised by a London-dominated, metropolitan elite within the Labour Party who seem to think they know best.

I know what you want and you voted to leave the European Union.

Two-thirds of Labour-held seats voted to leave the European Union and this must not be ignored in an attempt to reverse Brexit.

My call to Jeremy Corbyn is that he must give a free vote to Labour MPs in Parliament on whether there should be a second referendum.

I stood on a platform of delivering Brexit because the majority of you in Bassetlaw voted for this and I have no intention of blocking this in Parliament.