Bassetlaw: Mann calls for MP pay freeze

John Mann says MPs should not take a proposed 11 per cent pay rise
John Mann says MPs should not take a proposed 11 per cent pay rise

Bassetlaw MP John Mann has tabled an Early Day Motion to keep MPs’ pay in line with the freeze on public sector pay of one per cent.

Mr Mann was reacting to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) proposal for an 11 per cent pay rise for MPs

“I tabled the parliamentary motion on MPs’ pay because it is ludicrous that at a time when public sector workers have had their pay increases frozen, IPSA has announced that MPs should be given a whopping increase,” said Mr Mann.

“The Motion endorses the view that what is good enough for the workers is good enough for the politicians.”

“It is nonsense to suggest that if MPs are not given this pay increase we will lose talent to other professions.”

“MPs should not be doing the job for the salary, I certainly did not check the salary before deciding to stand for Parliament.”

“MPs’ pay should rise in line with public sector workers and anything more would send the message that MPs are out of touch with the rest of the country and are not prepared to live by the rules they set for their constituents.”

“I am now calling on my fellow MPs to support the resolution, and reject IPSA’s proposals.”