Bassetlaw: Mann backs petition calling for Prime Minister David Cameron to put a freeze on energy prices

John Mann MP (left) and Bassetlaw councillors deliver the petition to Downing Street
John Mann MP (left) and Bassetlaw councillors deliver the petition to Downing Street

Bassetlaw MP John Mann was joined by local councillors and residents to deliver a petition and letter to the Prime Minister in Downing Street calling on David Cameron to freeze energy prices for local residents.

Hundreds of signatures were collected in a series of events in Worksop and Retford over the last few months, most recently when the Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Caroline Flint MP visited Bassetlaw earlier this month.

This follows a survey of nearly 3,000 local residents in Bassetlaw which found that 93 per cent of those who responded supported proposals to freeze energy prices.

“When energy prices went up in 2008, bills went up. But when energy prices fell by 45 per cent in 2009, household bills only fell by five per cent,” said Mr Mann.

“Since then, the Government have failed to take any action against energy companies who are raking in billions of pounds in profits.”

“This has particularly hit vulnerable pensioners and families who have struggled to heat their homes this winter in Bassetlaw.”

“A price freeze will save money for 27 million households and 2.4 million businesses.”

“Hundreds of people signed our petition and the chorus of voices telling this Government to act on spiralling energy bills is deafening.”

“David Cameron must act and back the call for a price freeze to stop these companies inflicting future winters of misery on their customers.”