Bassetlaw: Couple disappointed with hospital treatment

w70117-5a'Bassetlaw Hospital, Carlton Road, Worksop.
w70117-5a'Bassetlaw Hospital, Carlton Road, Worksop.

A Harworth couple feel let down by Bassetlaw Hospital after an alleged failure to act on information saw their son born 11 weeks prematurely.

David Wright and Danielle Brooks, of Rayton Court, were expecting the arrival of their child at the end of March, but complications saw Jayden Macaulay delivered on 11th January.

The couple believe the complications were avoidable, but said staff ignored Ms Brook’s family history.

Mr Wright said: “There’s a history of blood clotting in pregnancy, and we told the hospital but they didn’t act.”

“Jayden has now been through loads of operations, including having to use a stoma which has now been removed.”

A spokesperson for Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “We are really sorry to hear that Mr Wright and Ms Brooks have concerns or worries about the care they received.”

“We would be very happy to meet with them to listen to their concerns, discuss the care provided and answer any questions.”

“We appreciate the circumstances surrounding Jayden’s birth were difficult. The clinical reasons for this are complex but Ms Brook’s family blood condition was unlikely to have caused his premature delivery.”

“We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this in more detail as well as to listen to their concerns so we can address any issues they raise and make any improvements.”