Bassetlaw: Alternative Soviet treatment comes to region.

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Joe Morrell is bringing an alternative Russian treatment to Bassetlaw.

At the age of 39, Joe was poisoned when his house was treated for woodworm infestation.

Symptoms included fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, muscle trembling and hallucinations, which later devloped into chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and sensitivity to petro-chemicals.

Joe said: “For nine years I tried everything, including numerous private specialists, nutrition, naturopathy, homeopathy, kinesiology, osteopathy, ozone therapy, herbal medicine, liver flushes and lymph drainage. But I didn’t get better.”

In early 2011, Joe met someone who’d apparently recovered from debilitating fatigue through the work of a Soviet scientist Konstantin Buteyko, and alleged the method could reverse many conditions.

He said: “It sounded too good to be true. But, being desperate, I went along to the free introductory talk.”

Joe said he was swayed by the testimonies of others going back 60 years.

The Buteyko method claims that modern humans breathe too much.

Advocates of the method state that this ‘hyperventilation syndrome’ is a result of the modern lifestyle - drugs, over-eating and sleeping, lack of exercise, and psychological pressures.

This results in a loss of carbon dioxide, which Buteyko believed to be the body’s ‘primary regulator,’ thereby causing illness and fatigue.

Buteyko claimed to have found a way of retraining the brains’ respiratory centre and depth of breathing, thereby improving in health.

Joe said: “The process wasn’t easy. However, I was supported throughout by the ‘Learn Buteyko’ team. Between them they have decades of experience, and tens of thousands of successfully treated students world-wide.”

“To my eternal gratitude I fully recovered, and was then asked if I’d like to support the work.”

Joe is now bringing the talks to Bassetlaw, beginning with a brief historical outline and concluding with a question and answer session with a practitioner via video link.

Tuesday 24th September, Bassetlaw Action Centre, Retford and 7.00-9.00 pm Worksop Leisure Centre

Wednesday 25th September, 7-9pm Bircotes Leisure Centre

Thursday 26th September, 10-12pm and Tuesday 1st October 7-9pm Jasmine Trust Yoga Centre, Babworth, Retford

Thursday 24th October, 7-9pm Retford Leisure Centre