Bassetlaw: £1m villages make plan progress

Langold Country Park
Langold Country Park

Three Bassetlaw villages awarded £1 million through Local Trust and the National Lottery are moving closer to seeing the fruit of their labour.

Under the Big Local scheme, the villages of Carlton, Costhorpe and Langold were awarded the cash in March last year, and project organisers have consulted residents to establish how to use the funds over the next 10 years.

The Big Local partnership, led by chairman Marcus Wichmann, held a fun day in Langold Country Park in early June to launch elections for the partnership and work to establish a set of priorities.

A team of 12 board members, four from each village, has now been established.

Mandy Wilson, Big Local representative, said: “The ‘Big Local Vision’ has been agreed - there are six priorities which will now be developed as the content for the community plan, and residents will be encouraged to get involved.”

The priorities decided upon include greater community ownership, involvement and improvement of the environment, improved local access to training and employment, and a growth of community spirit across the villages.

Young people and children are also noted as priorities, while promoting ways of reducing poverty is the final focus.

Speaking in May, Mr Wichmann said: ““We have 10 years to spend the money, and want to use it well.”

“In the short term we want to see a real improvement in the villages, but in the long term we want to have an impact on culture and mentality, giving people the opportunity to really love where their live their lives.”