Babies dive in to new lessons

Sarah Sundin teaching at a Water Babies class
Sarah Sundin teaching at a Water Babies class

Water Babies will be making a splash in Dinnington as the award winning baby swimming lessons start at Aquafyn Swim Centre next week.

The classes are designed to make the most of babies’ natural affinity with water, using specialist techniques that see many swimming short distances from as young as 30-months.

Sarah Sundin, who runs classes throughout South Yorkshire, was introduced to Water Babies in 2006 when she took her eight-week-old son Jacob to class.

“The classes provided such a special bonding time. We loved it so much that soon after I decided to train as a Water Babies teacher,” she said.

“One year later, I set up the franchise to run classes across South Yorkshire and haven’t looked back.”

As well as being fun, with progressive training babies can be taught life saving skills very early on, such as turning onto their backs or swimming to the nearest solid object.

“Over the past couple of years a number of Water Babies pupils as young as two years old have saved their own lives,” said Sarah.

“It’s fantastic what skills children can learn at such a young age, and it’s vital that they do.”

And Sarah can’t wait to launch the Dinnington classes.

“I’ve loved every second of my Water Babies journey so far, and can’t wait to spread the magic across Dinnington,” she said.

“The Aquafyn Swim Centre is a great location with free parking, a cafe, a viewing area, large changing rooms and most importantly the pool is fab.”

Water Babies classes start at Aquafyn on 28th February. Call 01924 223844 or visit