Axe falls on another Priory Shopping Centre store

The Worksop Grainger Games store. Picture: Google Images
The Worksop Grainger Games store. Picture: Google Images

Another store is set to bow out from Worksop’s Priory Shopping Centre due to the retailer’s “critical financial situation”.

The Worksop branch of Grainger Games, located at Unit 20A, is one 21 stores that will “close imminently” after the company’s website shut down last night (Tuesday March 28).

According to the Metro, staff at the store have been told they have been made redundant in an email from Eurogamer, which read: “We regret to inform you that we require you to close your store imminently due to the ongoing issues surrounding the business’s critical financial situation.”

It’s been a tough year so far for the Priory Centre after Burger King, the Priory Fruit Shop and the Body Shop closed their doors.

The Centre’s Mark and Spencer store is also due to relocate to Retford in the summer.

The Guardian has approached the Priory Centre for comment.