Apron reaches its peak...

Kilimanjaro trek
Kilimanjaro trek

The Ye Olde Bell Travelling Apron has been on tour again - this time to raise funds for a child development charity based in Tanzania.

Last spotted in Australia, its most recent journey was courtesy of Alastair Moore of Blyth, who climbed Kilimanjaro for Childreach International.

Undergraduate Alastair previously attended Worksop College before studying European Business and French at university. He is photographed at the summit wearing the infamous staff uniform apron - some 5,896 metres above sea level.

It took five days to reach the summit of Africa’s highest peak, followed by three days trek downhill. During the ordeal, Alastair was exposed to temperatures as low as –25 degrees Celsius and he even had to use ice picks to reach the top.

On the fifth and final night the climbers were woken at midnight to complete the trek to the summit. Their mission proved that much harder as they were unable to see the path in front of them.

It was so cold at base camp that it was advised they stayed active to keep warm.

A Ye Olde Bell spokesman said Alastair did brilliantly: “A recent survey revealed only 40 per cent of the 15,000 people who attempt the climb actually succeed!”