Any attempts to block or stop Brexit are totally unacceptable

Sir Kevin Barron MP
Sir Kevin Barron MP

During the EU referendum in 2016, I passionately campaigned for Britain to remain in the European Union.

But that was not the will of the country and I made it clear during the General Election last year that we must all respect the referendum result.

This must include not creating any barriers to the Brexit process or making it harder for the Government to achieve a good deal for Britain.

Nearly 70 per cent of constituents in Rother Valley voted leave and I base all of my decisions on how to vote in Parliament on this clear local opinion.

That is why last week I voted to reject an attempt to try and get the UK to remain in the Single Market which would have left us wedded to many of the EU’s rules, including freedom of movement.

So we would have been a rule taker but with no chance to influence or create those rules.

This week, the major vote was on whether Parliament should be given a meaningful vote in the case of a withdrawal agreement being rejected by the Commons or if the Prime Minister fails to reach agreement with the EU on the terms of Britain’s exit.

Parliament would then be asked to approve a Government motion about what the next steps should be.

I had major concerns about this amendment as I believe this vote would be used by some to try and overturn the referendum result.

Just this week, Dr Phillip Lee MP suggested suspending or cancelling the process of leaving the EU.

This would be completely unacceptable and is why I did not support the amendment and abstained in the Commons.

As I stated last week we must seek to unite the country around a Brexit deal that works for every community in Britain.