All you need is love for slimming stars Sandra and Steve

A Worksop couple have used love and support for each other to both successfully lose weight at a local slimming class.

Steve and Sandra Derham are both members of Debbie Waby’s Weight Watchers class in Carlton-in-Lindrick.

Sandra Derham has successfully lost weight at Weight Watchers in Carlton

Sandra Derham has successfully lost weight at Weight Watchers in Carlton

The couple decided to give Weight Watchers a try after Steve decided he didn’t want to see his wife struggling with diets.

To help, Steve also joined the class with Sandra to help give more support.

Sandra said: “Having yo-yo-ed with my weight for years I was determined to lose weight before my wedding day.

“I joined a slimming group but just couldnt get to grips with it.

Steve Derham with fitness coach Debbie Waby

Steve Derham with fitness coach Debbie Waby

“My new husband was getting sick and tired of my ‘diet’ and of seeing me beat myself up each time I gained weight.

“I was getting bigger and very disillusioned.

“You think, ‘well I’m getting older’ and friends say ‘you look fine’ to me.

“And Steve loved me the way I was – big or small.

“But none of this helped and after seeing my struggle, Steve suggested after Christmas that we go back to Weight Watchers .

“He said ‘I’ll come with you this time and we’ll do it together as I could do with losing a pound or two’.

“And so we came to Debbie ,who we both loved straight away.

“There are a few other gents in the class and we go every week we can.

“We both love the new plan and the phone app is unbelievably helpful – we never go shopping without it.

“We like a drink at weekends and find our weekly smart points allow this and still we can lose weight – a win win in my book.

“It fits into our life rather than having to fit our lives around a diet sheet.

Steve has reached his target weight and has found multiple benefits.

“Heartburn is a thing of the past and he used to suffer with sciatica but that has almost disappeared too.

“I can buy smaller clothes and feel amazing when I get dressed up and go out as a result.

“I have asthma and high blood pressure so keeping fit and healthy is very important to me and Steve

“When he works away he uses the app and plans his meals before getting to the restaurant and I pack him up with the Weight Watchers bars, bananas and other fruit for him to snack on in the car.

Debbie Waby, the couple’s fitness coach, added: “Sandra and Steve are such a fun part of class and an inspiration!

“They are so happy together and support each other to be healthy.”

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