Alcoholic sentenced after he lashed out

In Court
In Court

A recovering alcoholic who assaulted a man after he dared to confront him for urinating outside his home has been sentenced.

Karl Deakin, 31, of Lime Tree Avenue, Carlton, admitted criminal damage and assault at Worksop Magistrates’ Court.

The court heard how Deakin had been ‘caught short’ waiting for a takeaway in the Retford Road area of Worksop on 20th February.

He had nipped around a corner to ‘relieve himself’ but was confronted by Francis Murray, whose flat he was urinating outside.

When Mr Murray asked him to leave, Deakin pushed him in the chest and said: “I’ll smash you up, I’ll smash your bike up and come and burn your house.”

Mr Murray went inside but heard loud banging on the door, then Deakin smashed the window.

Defending, David Verity said Deakin had not deliberately damaged the window, but staggered into it, drunk.

He said Deakin admitted pushing Mr Murray, but claimed he was reacting to being pushed first.

Mr Verity explained that his client had a ‘serious drink problem’ and was working with the probation service towards recovery. But the night in question was the first time he had drunk since new year.

Magistrates heard Deakin had an ‘appalling record’, with 35 convictions for 98 offences.

They sentenced him to a 12-month supervision order, 80 hours unpaid work, education and training sessions, and made him pay £100 compensation.