AA GRUNDI: Worksop needs a hefty littering fine

Dozens of people have been dealt with by magistrates for dropping cigarette ends.
Dozens of people have been dealt with by magistrates for dropping cigarette ends.

There was a proper ding-dong being played out on the Guardian’s Facebook page last week after a bloke was fined £629 for chucking a cigarette on the floor in Worksop.

“It’s just a fag end, what’s the problem?”

“Six hundred quid for a cig – typical council making money.”

“Chuck a fag in the council building, see if they like that.”

These were just a few of the more informed and reasoned comments made by correspondents.

Most folk were worked up into a frenzy of indignation that the council should be making money from littering – but why not?

If I had my way you could treble it. That’s the only way to put a stop to these scroats making our town look like a tip.

The rogue who had committed the offence had a Sheffield address, so next time please drop your fag ends at home.

He was given multiple opportunities to pay the initial £80 fine, but failed to do so and ended up at court - thus the reason for the hefty fine.

Bassetlaw Council says it is going to take a hard line on littering this year and it is about time.

The streets of Worksop are paved not in gold, but in discarded burger boxes, chip paper, fag ends and empty Special Brew cans.

Only the other day I saw one scruffy little devil screech his bike to a halt, take a wad of chewing gum out of his spotty gob and chuck a fistful of phlegm and Wrigley’s into a postbox.

Hardly pleasant for the Royal Mail to have to deal with.

While later that day I was confronted by that perennially disturbing site in the park – a robin pecking at a discarded kebab looking for nutrients.

No, anything that can be done to put a stop to these outrages should be grasped with both hands.

Well done to the council.