AA Grundi: Don’t laugh - the top 10 things to do in Worksop

The top 10 things to do in Worksop?
The top 10 things to do in Worksop?

Having vented my spleen about the moronic use of travel review website Tripadvisor last week, I was most amused to find out that even Worksop has found its way onto these hallowed pages.

Yes, that’s right, Worksop. Our town is on there alongside the likes of New York, Tokyo and Barcelona.

First I was attracted to reviews of the town from the brave travellers who have decided against all logic to grace us with a visit.

“Worksop is one of those towns people rarely have reason to visit,” is the rather unhopeful start to the first review I read.

“It has a slightly run down air,” the review continued as hardly a ringing endorsement of life in Worksop.

A quick look at the ‘Dining Scene’ was hardly any more positive. “Dining in Worksop is fraught with danger! There are some establishments, shall we say, that are best avoided,” the reviewer cautions, having clearly been confronted with something deep fried and the size of an elephant somewhere on his travels.

There’s also a heartfelt warning that if you venture out to McDonalds on the ring road you ‘could be faced with the longest wait ever for a McDs’.

There is though a ringing endorsement of Miss Poppy’s as the best coffee shop in Notts, which Grundi wouldn’t argue with.

Most amusing of all though is Tripadvisor’s list of the Top Things To Do In Worksop - and don’t worry they actually make it beyond 10 without collapsing in laughter.

Mr Straw’s House and Clumber Park top the list unsuprisingly, and Welbeck and Creswell Crags also make the list.

But like any good Worksopian, it’s not long until they give up and start listing pubs.

And no doubt when Burger King opens we will have a major rival for the coveted number one spot.