A57 Dunham Bridge remains closed with flood warning in place for Gainsborough area residents and motorists

Flooding at Dunham Bridge near Gainsborough G121227-1a
Flooding at Dunham Bridge near Gainsborough G121227-1a

FLOODING and heavy rain has caused the A57 Dunham-on-Trent toll bridge to remain closed today (Friday 28th December)

A flood-warning is currently in force along the River Trent for Gainsborough and surrounding villages.

Flooding at Dunham Bridge near Gainsborough G121227-1b

Flooding at Dunham Bridge near Gainsborough G121227-1b

Flooding of low-lying agricultural land continues.

With further rain forecast over the next three days, areas that may be affected by flood water if river levels continue to rise include: Church Laneham to Rampton Road, Sutton on Trent to Normanton, low lying roads from Low Marnham to High Marnham, Main Street from Laneham to Church Laneham, Sturton Road at Cottam Littton, Grassthorpe Road between Grassthorpe and Sutton on Trent, the A1133 Newark to Torksey road between Besthorpe and Girton, the A57 Markham Moor to Lincoln Road Between Dunham Bridge and Newton on Trent and the A156 Torksey to Gainsborough Road.

The current level at the Torksey river gauge is 6.4 metres.

A spokesman from the Environment Agency told the Standard: “The river levels along the Trent are very high and they are tidal.”

He added: “A flood warning is in place, and we’ll be monitoring the situation very closely.”

Lincolnshire County Council is also warning motorists to respect road closure signs after witnessing motorists removing or driving past signage to drive through deep water on flooded roads.

David Davies, Principal Maintenance Engineer at the county council, said: “We know it’s frustrating to encounter a road closure sign, especially if – to the naked eye – the way ahead looks like you could navigate it with care. However, we close roads for very good reasons which may not be immediately obvious, including damage to road surfaces, submerged hazards, the potential for damage to vehicles and the water’s depth.”

He added: “We’ve even seen some people removing signs to drive through flood water, which is not only putting themselves and their passengers in danger but irresponsible for any unsuspecting vehicles which may follow later. Please respect any road closure signs – the detour will always be worth the potential alternative.”

With more heavy rain forecast , Gainsborough residents are advised to take care in the event of flooding.

To report flooding, you can call Lincs County Council on 01522 782070.

West Lindsey District Council will supply sandbags to local domestic residents in emergency situations. Call 01427 676676.

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