A steady few weeks for the beat team

Worksop South West beat team PC Jason Crofts and PCSO Jaime Shaw
Worksop South West beat team PC Jason Crofts and PCSO Jaime Shaw

We don’t want to tempt fate here but it’s been a steady few weeks on the South-West beat.

A number of bicycles and motorbikes have been stolen from sheds and garages.

Treat your shed and garage like your home. Make sure your insurance extends to these buildings and what’s inside. Always lock doors and close windows.

When you are in the garden or on the driveway try not to leave your shed and garage doors open advertising what’s inside. Record serial numbers where possible.

Metal theft has also reared its ugly head, with a couple of incidents of lead theft in the area of late.

Where possible, keep your vehicles in a locked garage. If you don’t have a garage, try to make it as difficult as possible for someone to get under your car.

Park it between a wall or fence and another car in a well-lit area.

Install a motion sensor alarm to the vehicle, which activates if your vehicle is lifted or tilted.

Report any thefts as soon as possible. The trail grows cold quickly so the sooner you report it the better.

Regularly check your windows and pipes and if your car’s engine is making an almighty racket compared to the day before it may be that your catalytic converter has gone.

Keep your eyes peeled for people acting suspiciously, especially around older buildings, churches and vehicles.

If you suspect anyone of stealing or dealing in stolen metal call us on 101.