‘A scheme was needed to address all the issues’

Residents parking
Residents parking

Opinions are divided over Worksop’s residents’ parking permit scheme - with some saying it is driving business away from the town centre.

Notts County Council brought in the scheme last summer following residents’ complaints about not being able to park in front of their home.

But taxi driver Robert Cumberland said it was ‘ludicrous’ to see so many empty spaces on the streets during the day.

“This is killing the town centre - people could be parking there to go to the shops or to their part-time jobs,” he said.

“I understand residents need a space outside their homes, but the restrictions should be at night-time - not during the day.”

Lisa Hill, owner of Sugar and Silk, on Norfolk Street, said she had seen a definite reduction in footfall since the permits came in.

“My customers have to carry heavy wedding cakes and boxes of icing so they need to be able to park outside the shop,” she said.

“I was assured when the restrictions came in this would be allowed, but it hasn’t been the case.”

She added: “I have appealed to the council and John Mann about the issue but it’s been a real struggle.”

“I don’t see why they can’t put four 30-minute bays, so people can visit the shops or the pub. They would make a fortune.”

But some of our Facebook readers thought resident parkingpermits are necessary.

Adele Morris said: “I live on a street where lazy people who can’t be bothered to walk park their cars while shopping.”

“It’s infuriating when you come home with 10 bags of shopping and can’t park. Have some consideration for the residents and park in a car park!”