A.A.Grundi: Why do women’s eyebrows of today look like they have been drawn on with a marker pen?

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Why do young women of today feel the need to sport ever increasingly bizarre eyebrows?

Most teenage girls and young women I see while I’m out and about look like they’ve had their eyebrows drawn on by a drunk, blind man armed with a marker pen.

I can only imagine that in their deluded minds they think it is attractive.

Well it isn’t. It’s hideous.

It’s like clown make-up.

They’d look less ridiculous if they had a big red smiley mouth, and a matching red nose.

Laydeez, what’s wrong with the natural look, eh?

Lady Grundi is a fine exponent of the natural look.

She’d never dream of tampering with her eyebrows, she prefers to be au naturel.

True, it means she resembles Denis Healey, but that’s not the point.

As well as having crudely drawn on eyebrows, I’ve noticed many of these girls/women suffer from a new medical condition which I have named Heavy Ear Syndrome. This shocking new affliction results in the head of the sufferer tilting violently to one side while they are posing for photographs.

If you don’t believe me and think I’m making this up just you see for yourself.

I spent hours trawling Twitter and Facebook for photos of young women (all in the name of research, of course) and found dozens of examples of Heavy Ear Syndrome.

One teenage girl after the other gurning into the camera, their head cocked to one side, as if weighed down by gargantuan Pat Butcher style earrings.

It’s a shocking and horrible sight.