A.A. Grundi: Why do our louts look like war criminals?

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These two chaps on the right look like they were separated at birth. One of them is a character infamous the world over for flouting international law. The other is Saddam Hussein.

You’ll probably recognise Vincent Dyer - his ugly mug has appeared in the Worksop Guardian a number of times before.

The good news is he has just been jailed for breaching his Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction yet again.

What goes through the minds of these people?

Why couldn’t he have just kept his head down and kept his nose clean?

It is not as if he is the most inconspicuous looking person in the world.

Did he wake up one morning and think to himself ‘Right, I need to keep a low profile, and not attract the attention of the feds. I know! I’ll disguise myself as one of the most tyrannical world leaders in modern history.’

Not much of a masterstroke is it?

I wonder how many of them there are lurking around Worksop.

I wouldn’t be surprised to open the Guardian next week to see that a dead ringer for Pol Pot has been stealing cheese from Tesco’s, or a Colonel Gaddafi doppleganger has been given an ASBO.

Most of these crimmos and wasters don’t seem like the sharpest tools in the box.

They also seem to habe been at the back of the queue when God was handing out good looks.

You never see any George Clooney lookalikes being slapped with an ASBO or a prison sentence.

Up and down the land our prisons are heaving with really ugly people. Like the freak show at a circus. Or Worksop town centre on a Saturday night.