A.A. Grundi: Ban this idiot from Worksop for good

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This bearded moron has been jailed yet again - hopefully this time they’ll lose the key to his cell.

Unfortunately, you know as well I do that this waste of space will be let out of the holiday camp in a few weeks and will be walking Worksop’s streets, generally being a nuisance.

Every time I see this ruffian - Darren Morley is his name - I not only want to cross to the other side of the street, I want to leave planet earth completely so I can be as far away from the bedraggled waster as possible.

Unbelievably, some people on the Worksop Guardian Facebook page were defending this anti-social tramp.

One person commented that he wasn’t that bad a guy because he’d once helped her carry some shopping bags. What a gent! Let’s give him the freedom of Bassetlaw.

Another Guardian Facebook fan said Morley once helped her pick up a bottle of pop she’d dropped. What a charmer.

These incidents may well have happened, but they don’t change the fact that this pleb is an intimidating menace who has no respect for the law.

He was locked up this time for breaking his ASBO.

Interestingly, one of the conditions of his ASBO was that he was prohibited from exposing his genitals in public.

Does this mean that anyone who hasn’t got an ASBO against them is perfectly entitled to expose themselves?

The next time I walk down Bridge Street, I might let it all hang out.

I bet Morley’s having a high old time in ‘prison’. Three meals a day, a comfy bed, TV, pool. All at our expense.

This wino’s most recent ASBO banned him from the town centre.

I suggest as soon as he’s released he should be slapped with an order banning him from entering a 50 mile radius around Worksop.

We’re sick of him, let’s get shot of him.