A.A. Grundi: Abolish motorway variable speed limits

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For thousands of years people have been oppressed by tyrannical despots and frightening political movements.

Human history is littered with crimes against humanity and violations of civil rights by the powerful elite.

Now a powerful new weapon is being unleashed against us oppressed masses, to destroy our spirit, to deny us our human rights, and to curtail our freedom.

I am of course talking about the introduction of variable speed limits on motorways.

These are being referred to by Big Brother as ‘Smart Motorways’.

Never since the origins of the English language has the word ‘smart’ been so horribly misrepresented.

The concept of ‘Smart Motorways’ is this...

The Highways Agency spend about three years ‘upgrading’ a stretch of motorway of just a few miles, causing motorists untold human suffering in the process.

Networks of speed cameras are installed and overhead matrix signs telling us how fast/slow we can and can’t go.

Once up and running, some miserable jobsworth in a control room somewhere gets to decide, seemingly on a whim, what the speed limit will be at a particular given time, at a particular stretch of our motorway network.

His default is usually to set it t0 60mph (10mph below the national speed limit) but if he’s in a particularly bad mood he’ll set it to 50mph, or even worse, 40mph.

These variable speed limits are supposed to make traffic flow better, and ease congestion, but anyone who’s actually driven through one will know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

As ‘Smart Motorways’ spread, congestion and tailbacks are getting worse. Funny that.

Why have they got it in for us? Doesn’t take a genius to work out if you just let traffic flow as fast as it wants you have less congestion. Works in Germany.