26-year-old stole to fund drug addiction

In Court
In Court

A Worksop man who shoplifted to fund his drug addiction has a prison sentence hanging over him.

Colin Matty, 26, of Gateford Road, admitted to stealing groceries to the value of £8.78 on 27th February 2014 when he appeared at Worksop Magistrates’ Court last Thursday.

Solicitor Ruth Snodin, prosecuting, said that Matty had a long history of shoplifting and used the money gained from his thefts to buy drugs.

Defence solicitor Jamie Ratcliffe said that Matty’s health and appearance had ‘deteriorated rapidly’ since his addiction began.

He said that Matty had become ‘unmotivated’ and had even considered taking his own life due to his enduring dependence on drugs.

He added that Matty was ‘desperate to get help’ and had begun taking steps towards beating his drug addiction by looking into a 12 month residential project in Leicester.

Magistrates said that they were ‘satisfied’ that Matty had made a ‘significant effort’ to take control of his drug habit and turn his life around.

He received a suspended 60 day prison sentence of 12 months and was ordered to pay £8.78 compensation to the shop he stole the items from.

Magistrates said: “Although we wish you the best of luck on your rehabilitation programme, let the fact that if you commit another offence in 12 months you will go to prison be an incentive to conquer your addiction.”