20-month ban for drink-driver

A DRINK-DRIVER involved in a car crash on the A1 near Blyth was found by a police helicopter in a nearby field, a court heard.

Dad-to-be Scott Gourdie downed six or seven lagers before receiving a distressed call from his pregnant girlfriend on the evening of 22nd September 2012.

He then decided to drive home but crashed his Nissan Navara on the A1 around 11.15pm.

Ms Beardmore, prosecuting, said: “The vehicle the police found was in the ditch and was badly damaged.”

“A helicopter was called and the defendant was found in a field.”

Gourdie was taken to hospital before being escorted to the police station where he gave a reading of 86mcgs of alcohol in 100mls of breath, more than twice over the legal limit to drive.

While interviewed by police, he said he was ‘stupid’ and ‘regrets’ his actions.

Gourdie, 34, from Oaks Fold, Bradford, admitted to the charge at Worksop Magistrates’ Court on Monday morning.

His girlfriend was also in court.

Mr Hatfield, defending, said his client didn’t have a drink problem.

“He has to travel between 300 and 600 miles a week for his job stripping asbestos. Part of his job is to drive the van,” he added.

Magistrates banned Gourdie from driving for 20 months and fined him £210.

Chair of the Bench Wendy Thomas offered him the drink-driving rehabilitation course which would reduce his ban by four months.