Walk this way - Eyam and its black past


Countryside and village

1 :Leave the car park and walk down the hill turning left at the junction to walk through the centre of the village.

2: On reaching The Square keep to the right of Eyam Tea rooms and walk up Lydgate, going by the Lydgate graves, and carry straight on along the lane.

3: At a triangle of grass do not go down the lane on your left, but take the sign directly in front of you for ‘Stoney Middleton – Boundary Stone’.

4 :Follow the well-signed track straight ahead and on reaching a large moorland field continue in the same direction passing the boundary stone just before a strand of trees.

5: Soon the path begins to drop steadily to a stile on to a road where you turn right to follow the road round into Stoney Middleton before turning left up another road named The Fold.

6: At the end of the road go through a gate by a footpath sign and continue close to the wall as it bends to the left. In the next field keep close to the fence on the right and walk straight up the field to a gate.

7: Go half left across the next field to a stile and then continue uphill close to the wall on your right. At the top of the field turn right along an obvious path leading into an area of woodland that can be somewhat overgrown in places.

8: Continue along the path through the wood and near the top of the slope, turn sharp left by the yellow indicators.

9: The path then climbs steeply to join a wall on the right. Here you walk to the left keeping a lookout for some steps in the wall leading on to a road.

10: Turn right along the road and when a left- hand bend is reached go through a stile on the opposite side of the road and walk up the field with the wall on your right. At the top of the field go through a gate on to a rough track that soon swings to the left through a wood.

11: Go left at a T-junction of tracks. A long farm lane is soon joined, passing the Riley graves on the right, as it descends steadily to join a minor road on the outskirts of Eyam.

12: Turn right to the village and within 250 yards turn right again up Riley Back Lane and where the lane ends continue up a track with a wall on your left.

13: After about 100 yards take the right fork and follow the broad track up through the trees eventually swinging to the left to reach the road.

15: Turn right and walk up the road for 200 yards to Mompesson’s Well which can be seen on the left.

15: Retrace your steps down the hill and continue along the road as it bends to the right and straightens out. After a short distance go through a stile gate on the left and walk straight down the field to a stile in the bottom right-hand corner.

16: Continue down the next field keeping the wall on your left to join an enclosed path leading into Eyam churchyard. On reaching the road turn right and walk back to the starting point.

Walking in Derbyshire